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An Ancient Terroir

Thousands of years ago the Naramata Bench was the shallow shoreline of prehistoric Okanagan Lake gathering a wealth of rich sediments perfect for a wide variety of grapes and wines.

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Three Sisters Winery

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In 2003 our parents, John and Liz Lawrence, acquired a 15 acre property with a 7.5 acre planted vineyard. This retirement plan, although somewhat a hare-brained scheme, was based on a long family history of farming, a passion for growing and an appreciation of vineyards from around the world.

Earlco Vineyards Ltd was shaped in response to the burgeoning wine industry in the Okanagan, particularly on the Naramata Bench. The name is simply derived from the naming of our vineyard blocks after us, the three sisters: Emily, Abby and Rebecca Lawrence and put into a Company! After 10 years the company has extended its own vineyards and entered into arrangements with local owners for the care and maintenance of their vineyards. Now farming over 160 acres of vineyards, Earlco Vineyards Ltd is a well-established and recognized viticulture company in the Okanagan.

Then there is the fascination of wineÖ.. îAll good; some better than othersî as our Grandfather Jack used to say when drinking wine. When we realized we were working with amazing fruit we decided to plunge into making wine, this being led by our chief winemaker, Matt Mikulic. Matt, a viticulturist and winemaker trained in California, Argentina, Australia and his home country Croatia, began our winery vision and felt the name Three Sisters quite fitting as he has three of his own!

We are proud of our wines and invite you to taste them with your friends and family.

1250 Munson Ave, Penticton

OPEN: 7 days a week, 11am – 5pm

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