Naramata Bench Wines

Vineyards along a winding country road…

Vineyards along a winding country road…

High above Okanagan Lake, along a slowly winding country road, vineyards dot the landscape.

Flowers bloom amoungst the vines. Sheep, chickens and children roam.

Winemakers perfect their craft: growing, collaborating, experimenting.

Bottles are filled, tables are laid, guests are welcomed.

Stories are shared. Take your time – enjoy it together.

We are the Naramata Bench

Naramata Bench Wines

The Naramata Bench Wineries Association is a membership collective of artisan wine and beverage producers, dedicated to crafting delicious drinks on the Naramata Bench, in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. We all have our own specialties and philosophies, but we share a love of this magical place – the breathtaking views, the laidback community and a commitment to our craft.


Visit the Bench

Naramata Bench Wines

Wine lovers~ join us for a spring kayak, summer bike ride, an autumn picnic, a winter getaway. Book a tasting and savour.


Our Terroir

Naramata Bench Wines

From diurnal temperature swings to soil profiles, from innovation to regeneration, learn what makes our wine reflect this place.


Tell the Story

Naramata Bench Wines

Carrying Naramata Bench wines in your store or restaurant, or writing about our corner of the world? Let us help you tell the story.

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