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What is the Naramata Bench terroir?

What is the Naramata Bench terroir?

What is the Naramata Bench terroir?

Is it fine-textured layers of granite soil, ground by glaciers and settled into icy lakes, thousands of years ago? Maybe, you taste the deep waters of Okanagan Lake, fed by crisp British Columbian mountain streams, or maybe it’s the dry desert air, sweeping down in a rain shadow off the Coastal Mountains.

Is the temperature in the glass? Vineyards swing dramatically from -20°C to +40°C each year. The growing season shares brilliant days and cool nights. 250-300 hours of endless sunshine sparkle each summer month.

Or perhaps, the wine reflects the people of this place – those that choose to live down a slow, winding road, or in the charming Naramata village at the end of it. They farm with bees, flowers, sheep, chickens – growing grapes so their children can play in the vines. Winemakers perfect their craft in collaboration with each other: Artisans share bottles, meals, patience and time with one another.

Can you taste the terroir?

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We know there isn’t just one influence in the glass – it’s a complex interplay, the combination of who we are, how we farm, the soil under us and the climate surrounding us. As fellow wine geeks, we’ve prepared a downloadable package of tools for you to explore the terroir of the Naramata Bench, in depth, from a physical and cultural perspective. Enjoy the deep dive.

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