Naramata Bench Wines
Naramata Bench Wines
BJ Tumanut – General Manager, Alistair Veen – Managing Partner, Richard Charnock – Winemaker & Brand Ambassador

JoieFarm Winery

JoieFarm Winery has been creating focused, award-winning wines on the Okanagan Valley’s beautiful Naramata Bench since 2004. We are renowned for our aromatic white wines, mouth-watering rosé, and world-class Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. JoieFarm wines are consistently expressive of the cool-climate, lake-moderated desert terroir of the Okanagan Valley. They are known for their freshness, natural balance and complexity. Passionately reflecting and shaping our region’s food and drink culture, we are proud to make European-Inspired Wines for West Coast Living.











Naramata Bench Wines

Get to Know Us

Beginning as a tiny farm cooking school and guesthouse in the summer of 2003, JoieFarm has promoted the Okanagan culinary and hospitality experience for nearly two decades. Joie (pronounced zh-wah) means “joy” in French – it expresses the pleasure that good food and wine bring to life.

Founded by a chef and sommelier, our wines link European-inspired traditions and West Coast cuisine with our region’s unique cool climate, lake moderated, desert landscape. Our goal is that the experiences our guests have here on the Farm will resonate out into their communities; to the restaurants they frequent, the wine shops they visit, and the tables where they eat.

We strive to be a leader in our community by developing an unforgettable tasting room experience, where our history, passion, and hospitality form the food and drink culture we are helping to define. We are proud that our aromatic whites, mouth-watering rosé, and single vineyard estate wines showcase the freshness, natural balance and “juicidity” that define our region’s wines.


Naramata Bench Wines
Naramata Bench Wines

Our Approach

Our viticultural strategy maintains a long-term vision with respect to the health and sustainability of our vineyards. The focus with our vineyards is to achieve healthy vines through site-specific canopy management, soil reparation, and inter-planting each row with diverse, drought-resistant cover crops. At JoieFarm we irrigate as sparingly as possible, watering only at the beginning of the growing season to top up our water table and during times of extreme heat stress. We encourage the vines to send their roots deep in search of nutrients and water; our soils are high in organic matter and thus able to sustain diverse life at a microbial level.

Since planting our vineyards in 2007 and from working with over 35 different vineyard sites over the past 18 years, we have learned that viticulture is not a textbook practice; it is a practice of constant observation. To farm most effectively, we walk our vineyards daily. This dedication to site-specific problem solving coupled with constant research and reading allows us to achieve a balance between respecting old-world agricultural approaches and being open to modern technology, making vineyard work easier and often more effective.

Naramata Bench Wines


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