Nichol Vineyard

Nichol Vineyard

NBWA - Nichol Vineyard

Nichol Vineyard is among the first three pioneering wineries on the Naramata Bench. The first part of our home vineyard was planted in 1989 and completed in 1991. We currently farm/grow all of our wines within 900 meters of the winery. We continue to operate on a small scale and focus our attention and resources on the quality of our grapes and their subsequent élevage in the winery.

Our vineyards are situated at the northern most tip of Naramata, abutting the Kettle Valley Railway, and surround the winery on all sides. The Syrah vineyard in particular was the first to be planted in Canada and consists of 17 rows planted on granite in the north eastern portion of the vineyard.

All of our vineyards are west and south facing, range from 1400-1500 feet in elevation and are own rooted/un-grafted.

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