Elephant Island Winery

Elephant Island Winery

NBWA - Elephant Island Winery

As crazy as it sounds a logical story supports the christening of our winery. Grandmother Catherine acquired the orchard as a retirement investment. Grandfather Paul, or Poppy as we called him, was convinced that the investment would prove a “white elephant”.

In 1972 Grandma Catherine’s free spirit won… she purchased the property in Naramata and convinced Poppy this was “the” location for their dream home. Grandma is an architect (one of the first women in Canada) and Poppy an engineer. Collectively they proceeded to battle their respective professional impartiality and collaborated on their coup de grace, the house at Elephant Island. Out of this clash of professional wills (Grandma’s visual versus Grandfather’s logical) emerged Poppy’s name for the property… the architects “EYE-land” – testament to his perception of Grandma’s obsession with the aesthetic.

White Elephant + Grandma’s “EYE”Land became Elephant Island… Grandma’s way of getting back at Poppy for all of his mockery AND your adventure into a whole new world of wine.

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