Naramata Bench Wineries

View of the Naramata Bench in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley. Gorgeous view of the lake and vineyards where a variety of grapes are grown to make some of the best wine in the world.
Our twenty-nine member wineries are located along a meandering country road with spectacular views of vineyards, mountains, and Okanagan Lake.

You reach the first of our wineries while still in the city limits of Penticton and the last one fourteen lazy kilometres later, just past the heart of Naramata Township.

Drawing on the rich terroir of the Naramata Bench, each winery is dedicated to bringing out the superb local qualities in their wine-making, and to providing a personal, relaxed and authentic experience for visitors.

With a wide range of spectacular wines and distinctiveYou can see Lake Okanagan from the deck of Poplar Grove winery. WIne grapes are grown and transformed into award winning wines in Naramata Bench winemakers there are exciting discoveries for wine lovers to explore at every turn.

Naramata Bench Wineries have always had an appetite to present their wines and region in fun and accessible ways, making Naramata Bench a must for exceptional wine holidays and wine experiences.

Our Wineries

La Frenz winery in the Beautiful wine producing region of Naramata Bench in the Okanagan Valley. WIne grapes are grown in fields in vine at local vinyards. During your wine tour or wine vacation you can sample many wines.Our members are known as much for their warm welcome and quality experiences as they are for the quality of their wines.

Between your visits to the Bench you can also enjoy many of our fine wines in your local restaurants, through wine stores, or you can join one of our wine clubs, or by ordering on-line directly through the wineries themselves.

We look forward to welcoming you to share the Naramata Bench experience, special events, and our fine wines.

NBWA Members:

Bench 1775 Winery
P: 250-490-4965 ext 105 / Website

Black Widow Winery
P: 250-487-2347 / Website

D’Angelo Estate Winery
P: 250- 493-1364 / Website

Daydreamer Wines
P: 778-514-0026 / Website

Deep Roots Winery
P: 250-460-2390 / Website

Elephant Island Winery
P: 250-496-5522 / Website

Four Shadows Vineyard
P: 250-493-3625 / Website

Foxtrot Vineyards
P: 778-514-0033 / Website

Hillside Winery
P: 250- 493-6274 / Website

Kettle Valley Winery
P: 250-496-5898 / Website

La Frenz Winery
P: 250- 492–6690 / Website

Lake Breeze Winery
P: 250-496-5659 / Website

Lang Vineyards
P: 778-514‑5598 / Website

Laughing Stock Vineyards
P: 250-493-8466 / Website

P: 250-496-4063 / Website

Monster Vineyards
P: 778-476-5895 / Website

Moraine Estate Winery
P: 236-422-3534 / Website

Nichol Vineyard
P: 250-496-5962 / Website

Poplar Grove Winery
P: 250-493-9463 / Website

Red Rooster Winery
P: 250- 492-2424 / Website

Roche Wines
P: 236-422-2722 / Website

Serendipity Winery
P: 250-486-5290 / Website

Singletree Winery
P: 236-422-0090 / Website

Terravista Vineyards
P: 778-476-6011 / Website

Therapy Vineyards
P: 250-496-5217 / Website

Three Sisters Winery
P: 236-422-2296 / Website

Tightrope Winery
P: 778-476-7673 / Website

Upper Bench Estate Winery
P: 250-770-1733 / Website

Wesbert Winery
P: 778-738-1113 / Website