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An Ancient Terroir

Thousands of years ago the Naramata Bench was the shallow shoreline of prehistoric Okanagan Lake gathering a wealth of rich sediments perfect for a wide variety of grapes and wines.

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Terravista Vineyards

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Terravista Vineyards was started in 2008 by Bob and Senka Tennant.

As a bit of history…Bob and Senka have been in the BC grape/wine industry for the past 16 years. Senka as winemaker and Bob as vineyard and business operator at their first business, Black Hills Estate Winery. In 2007, Black Hills was sold and Bob and Senka, not wanting to leave the industry, started looking for a small piece of property on which to establish a new vineyard and winery. Their idea was to concentrate on a couple of white grape varieties that had been attracting their interest.

After extensive searching, a piece of property was found on the Naramata Bench about halfway between Penticton and Naramata. The property has a great southwestern slope with very rocky, sandy soils. In elevation it is above the heavier lake deposits characteristic of the lower benches. An excellent location to plant the white grapes varietals they wanted to grow. The original property name “Lone Hand Ranch” was retained as the vineyard operating name.

The two chosen grape varieties for the home vineyard were Albarino and Verdejo – white grape varieties grown for 9 centuries in northwest Spain and Portugal. Over the next three years they were able to plant their vineyard as certified plant stock, sourced from California nurseries, became available. From these two varieties they are now producing the wine they call “FANDANGO”.

Grapes purchased form a select few dedicated growers allow for the production of their other white wine. It is a blend of Roussanne and Viognier that they call “FIGARO”.

You are welcome to drop by and visit the new winery facility that was constructed entirely of concrete and sits in a natural hollow in a corner of their farm.

Ph:  778-476-6011

Web:  http://www.terravistavineyards.com/

Open:  Please contact winery directly.