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An Ancient Terroir

Thousands of years ago the Naramata Bench was the shallow shoreline of prehistoric Okanagan Lake gathering a wealth of rich sediments perfect for a wide variety of grapes and wines.

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Roche Wines

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Roche Wines

“Deep roots in French tradition nourish our shared passion for soils, vines and wine. Dedicated to natural, artisanal farming and winemaking, we strive to reveal the intimate relation of wine and terroir.

Each of our wines is the expression of one place, one exceptional Okanagan terroir. Hands-on farming is our first priority, and this artisanal scale is reflected in the very limited quantities produced. We strive to make wines of ever greater clarity and precision.”
Penelope + Dylan Roche

Our family moved to Penticton in 2011 from Bordeaux, France, convinced of the potential of Okanagan wines. We made our first wines under the Roche label (in very limited volume) in 2012. We bought an 8-acre vineyard on the south end of the Naramata Bench, above Penticton, in 2014. The soils and exposure are particularly suited to cool-climate varieties. We farm this site with care, following natural and organic principles. In 2017 we opened the doors of our new winery.

− Farming first.
− Grow and harvest exceptional fruit.
− Create a focused portfolio of wines that are the truest possible expression of place and vintage from Okanagan terroirs.
− Make small lots of vineyard-specific wines.
− Strive for wines of ever greater clarity and precision.
− Maintain artisanal focus.
− The same small team farms, ferments and ages the wines, and shares their work with wine drinkers passionate about Okanagan wines.

PH: 236 422 2722
Web: www.rterroir.ca
Open: Please contact winery directly.