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An Ancient Terroir

Thousands of years ago the Naramata Bench was the shallow shoreline of prehistoric Okanagan Lake gathering a wealth of rich sediments perfect for a wide variety of grapes and wines.

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It’s Crush Time!

Posted in News From The Bench by Hugh

Drive down Naramata Road at any time of night right now and you’ll see the wineries’ crush pads lit up like aircraft landing strips. Trucks and forklifts come and go while winemakers and their crews, bundled against the cold, are running the crushers and feeding the raw grape juice into the first stage of fermentation.

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Shipping Wine To Get Easier?

Posted in News From The Bench by Hugh

Sometimes it’s hard to be with the one you love. Especially if you live out of BC and the one(s) you love are Naramata wines! An archaic shipping regulation dating back to Prohibition days creates barriers for Naramata and other BC wineries to ship their wines to consumers outside of BC. But newly minted South

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Announcing New Event Partners

Posted in News From The Bench by Hugh

The NBWA is pleased to announce our charity group partners for this coming April’s Spring Release 2012 Events in Vancouver and Victoria. In Vancouver the event will be handled by the BC Cultural Alliance and will be on April 24 and in Victoria the event will be handled by the Victoria Conservatory of Music on

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