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Wine BC Bootcamp Comes for Dinner

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The first snow of winter covers the hills were the wine grapes grow. Naramata Bench is blanketed with fresh snow while we all stay indoors and drink wine by the fire. COme enjoy a wine tasting and wine tour and let our Okanagan wineries warn you up with the delicious wineIt’s cool (pun intended) that Naramata Bench Wineries Association is hosting the Wine BC First Annual Bootcamp participants for a special dinner featuring exclusively wines from grapes sourced solely from the Naramata Bench. Turns out we had a lot of wines to choose from so we had to prune it down to five courses and fifteen wines or we would have been eating and drinking all night!

The Terroir & Diversity Dinner will be five courses prepared by Chef Bruno Terroso at the Vanilla Pod Restaurant in Poplar Grove Winey and will feature pairings with wines from NBWA members: Bella Wines; Bench 1775 Winery; Elephant Island Winery; Hillside Winery; Lake Breeze Vineyards; Misconduct Wine Co.; Moraine Estate Winery; Perseus Winery; Poplar Grove Winery; Serendipity Winery; Terravista Vineyards; Three Sisters Winery; Tightrope Winery; Upper Bench Estate Winery; Van Westen Vineyards.

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